The Landhaus zu Appesbach - living like royally in Salzkammergut

The groomed gravel drive, the English country house entwined with ivy and wine leaves in a magnificent park with old trees, the pleasant lounges, the shady patio with its panoramic lake view, the 20 rooms and suites with their romantic interior give the impression that time has stood still here. Even though the growing requirements of guests have called for modern facilities, the soul and character of the Landhaus has always been preserved. As before, when the Duke of Windsor found the splendid isolation here that he needed after abdicating as King, the Landhaus is still a refuge that lets its guests forget the worries of this world.

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Experience living at the Landhaus

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Leisure hours and more at the Landhaus zu Appesbach

Those who actually want more than celebrating the sweet art of leisure or the kiss of the muse - although both function beautifully at the Landhaus - will also find a rich recreational offer.

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Suits & Rooms
Seats in the restaurant
Seats on several terraces
km² of Wolfgangsee for you to enjoy